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MKMMA Week 7 – Seven Day Mental Diet

If there is a diet related to eating, there is a diet related to thinking. Emmet Fox calls the thinking diet as THE MENTAL DIET… ‘‘physically our whole body is composed of the food that we have eaten in the past, mentally our mind is composed of the thoughts that have dwelled upon past experience’ ‘the most important of all factors in our lives is the mental diet on which we live. It is the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the subjects that we allow ourselves to dwell upon, which make us and our surroundings what they are. The point is if we want to make our lives happy and worthwhile, which is what God wishes us to make it; we must begin immediately to train ourselves in the HABIT of thought selection and though control.


Some people eat junk food, and the others eat healthy food. In the same way, people think negative thoughts, others think positive thoughts.

You can reduce the amount of food you eat, lose weight and shape your body, and you can also reject certain thoughts and substitude some more motivating and positive thoughts.

You can follow a certain diet, and eat certain food in certain quantities at certain times. Similarly, you can follow a mental diet, rejecting negative thoughts and overthinkings, calming your mind, and strengthening it.

You can take care to intake healthy foods, and you can also take care of what you think, what you put into your mind.

You may fill your mind with thoughts from morning till night, as most people do, or you can choose to give your mind some rest. You can choose to follow a “Mental Diet” and reduce your overthinking and mental uneasiness.10-day-mental-diet-challenge

I realize that I have not been able to effectively control my thoughts, the negative thoughts. I learnt some great deals from Emmet Fox on how to control the negative thoughts in seven days. Before starting the 7 day diet, I need to allow this diet stirring up all my challenges, it means things are moving. For the moment, I feel that all the exercises have awaken all of my buried negative thoughts that have been repressed for a very long time. THAT IS A GOOD SIGN:-) … if my world rocking on its foundations, I dare greatly, I let it rock and when the rocking is over, and the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to my heart’s desire, my DMP… Then during the 7 day diet, I need to take a step to avoid having a contact with people who are highly likely to arouse the devil in me. Next, don’t classify the positive and negative thoughts; if your brain tries to deceive you, your heart whispers the truth. Also I made a how to list of implementing the mental diet.

  1. Concentration. I gain the inner power to observe my mind on the thoughts of my choice by improving my concentration. 
  2. Observing the thoughts I am thinking are useful and can help me in anything good.
  3. Acknowledge the fact that I can choose my thoughts. Thinking is usually an automatic process, but with more awareness of what is going in my mind, and with some self-discipline, I  will be able to reduce the time spent on unnecessary thoughts.
  4. Try to choose my thoughts, and reject thoughts that cause strain, stress and unhappiness. This might not be simple and easy, therefore, don’t be frustrated if I fail over. Keep trying, and till I gradually develop this skill.
  5. Always remain the power of being present. No thoughts about the past and the fears about the future. My mental diet should not include thoughts of anger, resentment and envy.

My biggest challenge is to forgive. As the law of forgiveness mentions that to access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentmentharness-the-power-of-your-thoughts-and-live-by-the-universal-laws-19-638 against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists… I have learnt that forgive someone let go without accept what they have done to you, don’t let the feeling of indignation and resentment entertain my thought. 

I would say that daily Mental diet can lead to reducing the mental noise, and gaining inner peace, mental focus, and mental mastery.

I promise to go on the 7 day mental diet by 14 November, 2017

                                                 I always keep my promises

                                                                                    Hitomi N


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MKMMA Week 6 – Out grind the old blue print !!!

Aloha, we are on the week 6 already. This month we are directed to the Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the world scroll 2. Oh I just love it, begins with ‘I will greet this day with love in my heart’… I read read read with emotions and feel feel feel the love !!! Also I do enjoy putting the colored shapes around my house, and putting the ‘gal in the glass’ on the side of the mirror. I am making my movie poster with my son, thats a lot of fun !!! thats the committment I made for the course, because I cant wait to see the compound effect. aaeaaqaaaaaaaad3aaaajda2otzhnmm5lwvjywqtngy1mc1hyjzjltjjzgm0odg0ngzmzg

However, the old blue print always gets in my way, tries overtaking my new one. Most time I do the daily works written on the index cards, readings outloud. Sometimes I skipped to read GS 3 times because I feel it sounds a bit boring. And then, the next day I read 1 time and then some days no reading… Also Emerson’s essay is quite challenge, it takes me near 2 hours to read with a dictionary. I know that those exercises help me to build new habits, with those new habits I can be what I will to be and I can go where I want to go. The picture I visualize everyday about the future me is clear, is so great, and I love the future selfie. All the exercises we do helps me to become the person I want to become. Like the iceberg, under a manifestation of a new reality is a lot of the hard work. Those hard works are fantastically dull, every day, day in the day out Grind. I have learnt that some successful people that I look up to, they just grind it out during the dull, aduous, boring, monotonous and mundane times more than I do. when I dont feel do the work, they are grinding ; when I find the excuses and call it a day, they are grinding further; when I promise to talk to 2 people per day, they keep grinding 5, 6 or beyond. It is the thousands of balls hit on the practice green that is not filmed; it is the thousands of calls that they make that dont result a sale; It is all these moments depite the boredom and mundaneness that they kept grinding.

I want to be on the top of the success, so I’ve got to learn to master the mundane. Because it is in the mundane where drift happens where excuses are easy to  come by. no one is watching at all, those are honored request; the weather is bad; its the weekend, its late or whatever thought satiates the psycholgical desire to remove the nose from the grindstone. Skipping doing the exercises is building the habits for failure. I will out grind the thoughts that the old blueprint have made. And I keep grinding to establish the stronger new habits.



MKMMA Week 5 – Be a good observer by not giving an opinion ;-)

In the Master Key Experience course, we are tasked with holding our opinions this week. The reason is ”The mind which pervades our physical body is not onluy the result of hereditary tendencies, but is the result of home, business and social environment, where contless thousands of impressions, ideas, prejudices and similar thought have ben received. Much of this has been received from others, the result of opnions, suggestions or statements; much of it is the result of our own thinking, but nearly all of it has been accepted with little or no examination orconsiderno-opinion-icon-stock-illustration-269405ation’ Haanel (part 5, 6. p32). Also Dalai Lama mentions ‘ When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new’.

Many I’ve spoken to, or the blog posts I have read, are like me… they had so many opinions. This is the concept that I have been consciously consistently work on but with some ‘Oops’ time to time. While I enjoy the philosophy of not having an opinion, I more thoroughly enjoy the exercise of observing. Some moments that I catch myself having an opinion about something, I direct my brain to a calm state (Law of relaxiation), and then smile and listen.  A friend of mine complained about her mother, during the talking she was looking at me time to time, trying to have my opinions. I kept smiling and listening, 10 mins later she seemed find a solution for herself; she seemed happy and calmed down. I realized sometimes people just need a good listener not an opinion giver. The more we listen the better understanding we have for others. Also we can learn something new.

What do u see Optical illusion

What do u see Optical illusion

I have learnt something about this from my guide. She said that ‘the no opinions applies where you are not an expert’. In my profession, I am an expert, and I am good at giving and my suggestions will make people’s life better. However, listening is a critical skill to build relationships and rapport. I give suggestions based on peoples needs.

Be a good observer brings us more benefits than giving an opinion. I put this week’s task as a lifelong task. If we repeately pay attention on ‘no opinion’, we learn new things taken up by a new different perspective. Thats when our brain becomes more creative and the mind expands.




MKMMA Week 4 – A victory over the old blueprint !!!

I won a battle from my OLD blueprint relates to the intimate harmony. Harmony means a situation in which people are peaceful and agree with each other, or when things seem right or suitable together. The word ‘harmony’ was vague and ambiguous like a stranger to me until last week. I share my story here about how I found my intimate harmony.

Back to 9 7a4e00206c9b5227e8325846f967cc32years ago, the time I met my husband, fell in love and decided to get married. 3 years later, in 2010 we got married but with a condition that he had to change. Haanel mentioned ‘mind creates negative conditions just as readily as favorable conditions, and when we consciously or unconsciously visualize every kind of lack, limitation and discord, we create these conditions; this is what many are un consciously doing all the time’… Since my mind has been limited by this condition, my focus my intention was on what he should do better to change to be the man whom I wanted him to be. Like many couples we fought time to time, but every fight ended by his new promise to change. I won, won, won … How lucky I was that things all came my way. And then I kept focusing on his drawbacks and shortages, and I constantly felt unhappy as well.  Meanwhile my husband got tired and exhausted with his hard work and my criticism, he has reached his limitation to stay with me; the result was we were going to divorce… That’s a heart wrenching decision. One thing made me step back and made me observe the situation was my DMP. I had been seeing that I was humorous and happy with my family, I saw my husband and I were holding hand and smiling to each other, the vision was vital and peaceful. I asked myself ‘divorce is what you really want?????’ the answer was NO. if the answer is NO, so why I have been jumping into such conclusion at every single fight. I wanted a harmorous relationship but what I focused on was inharmony. This decision was like 12 years olds emotional talk, also it based on my crappy old blueprint which has been conditioned and programmed for so long. 

 I listened to the voice of intellect, and had a long, honest and heart touching talk with my husband that he was a wonderful man, I wanted to spend the rest of life with him, and I was sorry for all the pain I have given him… He was touched by what I said and he would try to become a better man in his rythem and strenghts and for himself not to make me happy… Wow, I do have the power and control of my mind, really? it really happened…  I am so happy and proud that I was able to do so. ‘The Master Key improves and strengthens the memory; it develops insight, the kind of insight which is so rare, the kind which enables men to see the possibilities as well as the difficulties in every situation…’ no one can disagree with that. This experience helps me realized how wonderful to be authentic, to be me. I was able to follow the intllect, and I gained the victory. It’s a victory over the old blueprint.

Now the meaning of harmony is crystal clear. In my family, my husband, my 6 years old son and I, each of us makes efforts to fulfill each person’s role in his/her strengths. And we can play a sweet music together in life.       

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MKMMA Week 3 – Embracing fear

The definition of fefacing-and-embracing-the-fear-of-withdrawals-can-help-you-get-past-the-worst-parts-of-addiction-rehabar is ‘an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm’. I think that the first level of fears are concerned with the part of us which is in nature, the unconscious impulses that Freud indicates. Due to this reason, we need fear for survival. Fear protecting a poor swimmer surfering on a big wave; a single woman walking on the street at midnight; a mum letting her kid go away with a stranger; a reckless driver driving too fast… so, yes, we surely need fear in order to protect us from actual dangers. 

Here comes up a question, do we need fear to live a more creative life? I have heard many motivaters encouraging us to be fearless in order to live a creative life. Familiar, right? Being fearless is totally not my thing. As Elizabeth Gilbert highlights ‘ creativity is a path for the braves, but it is not a path for the fearless. Bravery means doing something scary; fearlessness means not even understanding what the word scary means ‘ Since we know that fear is a part of our nature, and its shows up when we encounter a new idea. Last year I finished the MKMMA course but I didnt finish strong with a reasonable explanation. However when I started scratch away at that whats underneath it is fear. The real reason I dont move creatively ahead is because I am afraid I dont have the talent to chasse my bliss, I will be rejected, insulted, critisized; I wanted to be doing all the requied exercises and ended up not doing… I tried to get over the emotion caused by the pain, the harder I tried the more pain I felt. Because I used too much energy to battle something that will never get away from me. Moreover, I ended up inadvertently murdering my creativity in the process of the journey that I decided get through. 

We dont need fear when we try to be inventive or innovative. Fear shows up to creativity no mater we need or not and the reason fear shows up is because it hates uncertainty. We dont need fear to be creative rather we need to embrace fear. I have learnt a great lesson from Elizabeth Gilbert, about how to deal with fear. I love it, and I applied and it is working on me tremendously. The turth is we need to make a peaceful place where fear and creativity can co-exist. The less we against fear the less it flights back. If we relax, fear relax too. I bring fear with me every where I go especially when I try to do something new. I love Gilbert’s metaphor ‘ Your fear should always be allowed to have a voice, and a seat in the vehicle of your life. But whatever you do — don’t let your fear DRIVE.’  Let your fear speak. Let it write you a letter. Read the letter with open-minded and open-hearted affection. And then write back to your fear with love and kindness, and respectfully explain your new plan. Since I start talking to my fear in a gentil way, my mind is at peace, and I am getting more productive. also when I joke with my fear, it seems ignor my creativity, and my mind expands.  

Embracing Fear does not mean eliminate fear, but rather shows us that once we understand it we can live beyond its tyrannical control. Instead of repressing or ignoring the voices of fear, we learn that it is only through facing, exploring, accepting, and responding to fear that we free ourselves from its paralyzing grip. 





MKMMA Week 2 – Get Focused !!!

The mind is a powerful search engine. It will find what you focused on to look for. And then those will become your search results and your reality. I love George Lucas wrote in Statumblr_o5hfv8vu9t1vo2mjco2_500-1r Wars episode one ‘ Always remember, your focus determines your reality ‘. Focus on your attention your thought is like a search engine, you imput the inquiries that generated by your observations, comunicatons and all the information recieved from your physical world. What you input in the search box determines your search results. Sometimes I wonder why I have the horrible search results, is because what I input in the search box, in other word, thats what I spend time thinking about and focusing on. Hanaael quoted ‘ thought is energy. Active thoguth is active energy; concentrated thought is a concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power ‘…

I have seen many people feeling their lives ‘doomed’ or ‘bad luck’… There is nothing supewhat-we-think-we-becomerstitious or mystical about how the universe works. Everybody has the same search engine, no more no less. This so called bad luck happens to the people who focus on thinking thats who they are, the trial that they were born to bear, who believe that they are doomed to the poverty and failure. This is who they are, not because their nature or selected to be  the universe’s  scapegoat, but because their believe is the search inquiry giving them perpetual crappy search results.

Change the inquiry, and then you will change the results. It means change what you focus on, what you spend time thinking about and then you will change the search results. ‘ what we think we become’ says the Buddha. Therefor, direct your focus to what you want. Focus on ‘whats the next’ instead of ‘ what if…’ to maximize your potential. ALways keep in mind, the subconscious doesnt care what you search for, its just like Google that simply gives you the search engine, and the results all depended on what you input. If you input search inquiry such like anger, danger, poverty, doomed the results will match the inquiry. if you type in happy, certain, aboundance and  success it will surly give you the matching results as well. We all have the same search engine, our brain operates identically to each other. If you dont get the good search results, dont blame Google. Rather changing your focus, your attention to what you want in life and then you will change the results.

A year ago I made a choice to be successful. I have got much more positive results based on what I focus on. Everything has happened is simple, the results of my small, seemingly in the moment insignificant choices accumulated compounded overtime up to this moment. Its like all the exercises we do in the course is a choice that accumulated compounded overtime will manifeste a reality.

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MKMMA Week 1 – Transformation starts by building the new habits !!!

The MKMMA 20change-habits17 course has had the memebers and new enrolers all bursting with exitement !!! This is my tjord time taking the course, and I am excited as before. The reason is I have found a huge change in my life even though I am still catching up . This course is unparalleled and it works… 

This year I feel much easier to do the exercises, which I have control of my mind without even knowing it. I effortlessly picked up some exercises that I left behind, I just do it ANYWAY. The sit this week has been great. I saw many beautiful things –  smiles, laughters, flowers, forest… and then a house appeared, and people were talking Japanese 🙂  This is my first time visualizing my DMP, I was so amazed…

I am a big picture thinker and want to live the life I love living. The only way to do so is to change the way we think. We must ‘be’ before we ‘do’, and we can ‘do’ only to the extent which we ‘are’, and what we ‘are’ depends upon what we ‘think’ — Haanel 1:4 . I know I need to focus on my energy on not fighting the old but building the new. Transformation starts by building the new habits. As Og Madino’s scroll 1 mentions ” in truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Thus, the first law I obey, which precedeth all others is – I form good habits and become their slave”.  Now I do believe the value of the exercreport041ises of the course, last year there was a big challenge to follow all the exercises, because I wasnt able to fully control my body and then my mind. What made me got here, is that I found a paradoxcial process for me to control body :  behavior- attitude- thinking. I gotta do those exercises ANYWAY like the sit, no matter what my mind whispers in my ear ‘ its so hard…’ and then an attitude is builded, eventually it leads to a good habit. I believe that iteration of the good habits guide me to the transformation.

How can I start building the new habits? I figure out that I should focus on ONE KEYSTONE HABIT. The keystone habit I need to change is procrastination. I shift all of my attention and awareness on everything said by my old mind ‘ I can do it later or tomorrow…’ When my mind says so, I say it back ‘ no no no, I gotta do it now do it now… ‘ ; I am getting more productive and I feel sooooooooooo good because I recognize that I do have the power to change and change is not as hard as I thought. 

Every morning I wake up drinking a cup of water, driving my son to school. And then I do the readings and the exercises instead of turning on the PC, checking emails by telling myself ‘ DO IT NOW ‘ . I believe that  this discipline will bring me a long term gain. I believe that consistently building the new habits with time, will manifest a new reality, a compounding effect 🙂